Gardening Gifts for Mothers Day

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Gardening Gifts for Mothers Day – an imminent crisis?

Don’t panic! Read on…

Okay, people, is your Mother in the same room?

Has she installed key-logger software in your computer?

Does she work for the NSA or GCHQ?

If you answered NO to all of these questions (best to be sure), please read on.

So, what to get your Mum? It’s not her birthday, so why should she get anything – it was all made up by card sellers anyway!

All kidding aside; I hope you’ve found this in time if, like me, forgetting Mother’s Day is akin to causing a horrendous fire in a kitten sanctuary – something they won’t let you forget about.

Giving shouldn’t have to cost anything, but it mostly does. As this is the internet, I’ve helpfully listed gardening related gifts for your inspiration, from free to ‘investment banker’.

Gardening Gifts for Mothers Day – Free

Grab a spade and start farming potatoes, Comrade!

Seriously, though, she’s getting on a bit and digging over the beds isn’t going to do your Mum’s back any favours. Weeding, re-edge lawns, repaint the fence and mowing only costs you elbow grease and spending time with her goes a long way. Whatever you do, DO NOT present an ‘IOU’ in a card! Then you really would deserve to be sent to a Siberian Gulag and edited out of all the family photos.

Gardening Gifts for Mothers Day – Cheap

(You though there would be more free options, didn’t you?)

Plews eBook “In Your Spring Garden with Plews Garden Design” is great if you live overseas/simply can’t meet her, due to its electronic nature. You can even include the download link in an email full of cat gifs and pink clipart. Available from Amazon and Smashwords (and it would make a good Easter present too, so you can easily tick off presents for other gardening relatives) I even wrote some of it…

Does your Mum enjoy actually gardening? Then she’ll appreciate various practical gifts such as new seed trays, potting compost, seed mixes and bedding flowers. It shows that you do indeed take a passing interest in her life.


Gardening Gifts for Mothers Day – £20-£60

Does your Mum like cooking and gardening? Why not a nice clay pot (10 litres+) with a selection of herbs? This is much more rewarding, and simply a better end product, if you buy all the components and pot it up yourself. Consult the Plews Potting Shed blog for herb ideas

A subscription to her favourite gardening magazine provides a reliable source of literature to read over coffee and croissants on a Sunday morning.

New tools – don’t skimp on these. Buy from decent manufacturers and take her with you so you know it’s the right size. This last point is especially important when it comes to things like secateurs and digging tools, as too small/big/heavy will just resign the (potentially) expensive present to a dusty corner of the shed.

Garden spade in soil

I know there must be some trendy Pinterest kids reading this – why not make your Mum a personalised garden diary? These are useful for recording planting plans, seasonal quirks in the garden and inventories. Historians are using centuries’ old Head-gardeners’ diaries to re-create the famous, culturally and horticultural important gardens in National Trust, English Heritage and other properties. Speaking of which…

Take her to visit one of the hundreds of gardens and parks in the UK. Introduce her to Instagram so she can take pics on her phone and show her friends how brilliant you are. Remember to buy her a coffee and cheese scone in the café; and then spend a fortune in the plant centre and gift shop… (Mothers!)


Gardening Gifts for Mothers Day – £ I really like my Mum

A new digital camera for her to take photos of her garden, her cat in the garden, other gardens she visits. You will then need to spend more time guiding her through the process of learning to download these photos onto her computer, uploading them to Facebook, repeating this ad infinitum, and finally snapping and paying someone to do this for you…

well earned rest, St Christophers Memory Garden 2016

Afternoon tea in the garden – you really have to get everything from Waitrose, or you’re a terrible person. And you have to have previously spent time tidying everything up and placing a few finishing touches around.

Or you could even arrange for her to have some landscaping work done – a new fence maybe?


But doesn’t this sound like too much stress and hard work? Why not give us a ring and hand your Mum the cheque book. Our landscaping services include a full garden makeover, garden fences, to one off clearance. Over at our sibling company, Plews Garden Design, they can offer you personalised gardening lessons and more.

With your insight and our helpful, friendly and knowledgeable service, we can make Mother’s Day memorable.

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