Family friendly garden, Beckenham

Turf and raised vegetable beds

A client based in Beckenham, Kent, contacted us to make a more family friendly garden. This included the removal of a koi pond that split the garden into two; creating a larger more usable lawn for the children; and replacing a rotting deck by the house.

The main priority for the beginning of this build was to remove and fill in the large koi pond that encompassed a large area of the middle of the garden, spanning from fence to fence. After sourcing a new home for the koi, we cleared the pond and surrounding landscaping ready to fill.

Raised beds are well suited to easy maintenance gardening, so along both fence lines we created beds out of narrow pine sleepers and planted with herbaceous perennials. As well as this, on the right hand side of the garden we created two smaller raised beds to be used a vegetable gardens, as our client liked the idea of a ‘grow your own’ area within the garden.

Once we finished the hard landscaping in the upper part of the garden, we began work on improving and enlarging the lawn. The remaining area where the koi pond used to be was levelled and turfed.

The decking extending out from the house had serious issues with rotting. It was completely waterlogged and it was apparent that interior graded wood had been used in its construction. We removed the old decking and constructed a new decking out of treated exterior grade wood, which followed the sightlines of the two raised beds adjacent to the fences.