Fencing and planting following car accident damage, Bromley

The fencing and planting in this Bromley front garden were seriously damaged when a car accidentally drove into the garden – Not the most common of garden development requests! The existing fencing was beyond repair and many of the plants were likewise seriously damaged.

Nevertheless we were able to redevelop the front garden so our client could have a better looking and easier to maintain garden, with a new garden fence, and planting with seasonal variance.

Firstly we had to clear away the rubbish and broken fencing left behind after the accident and decide which of the damaged plants (if any) were worth trying to keep.

We replaced the fencing along with a new and attractive feather edge fence topped with small squared trellis. This provides an attractive boundary and the addition of the trellis offers support for climbing plants such as the existing rose.

After expert horticultural assessment, a couple of the less damaged shrubs were considered worthwhile keeping. They were treated to encourage health and reduce the risk of infection during their healing. They will continue to be monitored over six months to ensure recovery.

We added soil improvement to the heavy clay soil present across the flower border, and planted our selected flowers and shrubs to provide a good all round seasonal variance. The new large shrubs had mycorrhizal fungi added to their planting pits to encourage root development.

The result: An attractive feather edge fence providing privacy in a busy area, a transformed front garden in Bromley and a happy client.