Green wood fence with multiple property boundaries, Anerley

Beautiful planting next to green wood fence

At Plews, green wood fencing is our favourite type to erect. The ‘green’ referred to is the colour of the pressure treatment used when preserving the wood. Not only is it far less intrusive in colour as the brown wood can be, when it weathers it develops a gorgeous silver tinge. (That said we shouldn’t rule out brown fencing, which can provide a nice contrasted backdrop for planting against). Our Anerley based client, South London, requested us to erect a stretch of green wood close board (or feather edge) fence to replace their current one. This had rotten at the base of many of the posts. Fences however, are never as straight forward as they may seem, particularly when your garden is adjacent to multiple boundaries of neighbouring properties.

  • Initially we obtained consent from neighbours ensuring everyone was happy with the proposed plan. Our client owns the fence boundary and ultimately it is their decision and choice, but it’s always best to make sure every party involved is happy with the proposals.
  • Following this we cleared the shared alley of overgrown bramble bushes that bordered a third of the fence line. This made constructing the fence easier, brought more light into the garden and the neighbouring properties, and ensured the brambles wouldn’t return.
  • Another challenge with multiple boundaries is keeping a regular bay size. It is important to ensure each neighbouring property is properly enclosed by posts that encompass their fences running perpendicular to the new one.
  • We came to the decision with our client to mount the green wood posts onto concrete spurs. This ensured that the posts themselves were not in the ground, given that a few of the previous posts had failed due to rot. In our opinion using short spurs rather than posts is more visually appealing, as you can still maintain the continuation of the green wood throughout the fence line.

For a fence line as long as this, close board green wood is going to look aesthetically pleasing, and certainly less in your face. However, if ‘in your face’ is what you’re after, green wood also gives more scope for painting the fence due to it’s light base colour. A well managed project will negate any foreseeable problems that may occur when a fence line is encroaching on multiple neighbouring gardens. It’s surprising how often conflicts can arise between neighbours over boundary lines. It is always good to maintain conversations with everyone involved. Overall our client was extremely pleased with the timely work carried out.