Redeveloping an unloved garden, Beckenham

Decking and blackboard

A Beckenham based client contacted us with the challenge of redeveloping an unloved garden. To help managed their budget, we opted to split the project into two stages.

Stage One

An unused greenhouse and shed was to be replaced with a new sawn sandstone patio; a planted boarder; a new feather edge fence and three 8ft diamond trellis panels to hide the existing garage.

Firstly, we disassembled an old unused greenhouse and shed that took up the majority of the area at the rear of the garden, and broke apart the sub base they were standing on. After levelling the area and building a new sub base, the sandstone patio was constructed in its place to be used for BBQ’s and their garden table. The sandstone slabs were laid in a staggered pattern at a 45 degree angle to the existing garage behind it, as designed by Marie at Plews Garden Design. A bullnose edge was used to finished off.

The old picket fence that bordered the garden was removed from midway up the garden, and replaced with a feather edged fence. The close board panel that joined the remaining picket fence in the first half of the garden was sloped to meet it. We opted for brown treated wood to match the fences in other parts of the garden.

The garage was painted white to blend it into the background and three 8ft trellises were mounted onto the garage using horizontal 4×4 posts. Braces were constructed behind the panels to give the structure strength.

Finally, between the patio and newly constructed fence a boarder was created for seasonal planting, and the current lawn was slopped upwards to meet the edge of the patio and seeded for new growth.

Stage Two

A mounded ramp in the middle of the lawn was to be levelled and re-turfed; the right hand fence replaced in sections and painted; and a decking area to be constructed at the back of the garden with a blackboard for the kids.

Redeveloping an unloved garden can occur in all shapes and sizes. For stage two of the project the primary focus was on the unused section adjacent to the garage, to make the most out of the room there. Firstly though, we tackled an unwanted mount in the center of the lawn, removing all the unwanted soil and levelling the area before turfing it. Turfing is a labour of love, three weeks of attentive watering and care can result in a beautiful lawn that blends nicely into the existing lawn.

As with the left hand fence, a large section of the preexisting structure was removed, and a new feather edge fence erected in its place. The fence at the rear of the garden was still strong, so we painted all the fences in the dark oak treatment seen in the portfolio pictures.

The final goal of the project was to develop the area adjacent to the garage, which up to this point was a rubble pile. After clearing and levelling the area, we constructed a pressure treated decking around the tree that grows there. This proved quite challenging, but at Plews we relish a challenge, finding alternative ways to provide support structures to the decking where the roots of the tree stopped us from digging. To join the patio and lawn to the decking, we laid slate chippings to match the slate between the decking and the tree. Finally we painted the garage white to match the front, and created a framed blackboard for the kids.

Our client now uses the area regularly (when the weather is kind to them!) and is very happy with what we achieved for them.