Retaining wall for model railway garden, Crawley

Finished retaining wall

Based in Crawley, our clients wanted us to prepare their garden for the installation of a large model railway. To do this we needed to clear the garden of existing shrubs, and construct a retaining wall to permanently raise and level a large section of the garden.

The first stage of the project was to clear a very overgrown garden of small trees, a hedge running along the fence line and shrubs, to allow room for the retaining wall. The hedge had left the existing fence in a poor condition, so after pulling that down, we built a new featheredge fence across the back of the garden.

The major part of the project was the construction a retaining wall to create a raised section in the garden. After digging out soil to the depth required for the foundation sleepers, we installed drainage pipes underground leading into a soakaway to help with a noticeable problem with waterlogged clay soil. The oak sleepers were then laid along the front of the soil on their faces, staggered to provide a strong structure, and then pinned into the ground using 20mm thick steel rods. The soil was then back filled up to the sleepers and rotavated ready for the next stage.

This is an ongoing project, and once the model railway has been constructed by our client we will be returning to turf the garden and plant borders.