Turf and artificial grass

Turf and natural lawns

There are many ways to make a keep a lawn fresh. Regular mows, scarifying in the appropriate season and aerating, can keep your lawn healthy. However, if it is past the point of revival, it is most beneficial to replace the turf. Whether this means re-turfing the whole garden, or seeding an area that has seen better days depends on the situation at hand. We will advise you on the best option to suit your garden, your family and pets needs and your budget. A freshly laid lawn can be the crowning glory of a newly landscaped garden. As well as the aesthetics factor, it supports an incredible amount of animal and insect species. Natural grass is great, cost effective option – assuming you like mowing!

Artificial lawns

Artificial grass is the marmite of the landscape gardening world. Some people love it, some hate it. Regardless, it is a service that we offer here at Plews Garden Landscaping. Grasses can be bought to suit your budget. There is a large variety of turf quality, including the option to have fully recyclable turf, and padded underlay.

  • We fit the AstroTurf type which is a low cost option for children’s play areas.
  • A short blade but real looking artificial turf which can be practical for dog owners, but still comfortable to lounge on.
  • Or if you want a premium product, there is the luxury synthetic grass that looks better than your real lawn.

One of the drawbacks to artificial turf is it’s poor biodegradability, and impact on the environment upon disposal. We now install artificial grass that is composed of materials that are 100% recyclable.

Alternatively have a look in our portfolio at this artificial grass we installed as part of a whole garden project for our Worcester based clients.